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The new Trends

Nowadays if we don’t lay out or say out aloud what we want to say or explain or stand for ,people will tune out instead of tuning in with us. Games have change and if we want to be a game changer influencer/businessmen or businesswomen or anything , we shall connect quickly. And why? Because, people have a very short attention span!!!  We are the tweeting and instagraming, right?  We like the cute and nice little picture and many people don’t write caption and hate to READ other people’s caption. I know I know, times have changed. People love the social media thing. Actually that’s promotes lots of people to write caption like this.. Which includes just a 🌼 Or ❤…
What is it? Huh?
mime through time video
I have been discovering the updates on instagram and again I found something terrible..

‘mime through time’ renditions from across the globe.
Check out this one.

We all have heard of the ‘flash mob’ concept. Dance!!
You can check out despacito here
Another one here

And by the way the real mime look is this⬇


Share with me did you ever participated in mime?
Did you took part in a flash mob?

Life will surprise us,
AI (artificial intelligence) is going to take its toll. Make and create your own niche.

Take care,
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