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YouTube FanFest



I hope you are well. (right now, I just woke up and I m with my cup of tea…. And here I m)
Yesterday my eyes were stuck on one thing and that’s #ytff
Have you heard of it. Well, if you are a YouTuber or love to watch anything from comedy to politics, from study to movies… You will get to see on YouTube. And last week there was a fanfest of YouTube in Mumbai. Yeah!!  And that’s what was live streaming on YouTube. All the famous YouTuber who maked their videos and were liked my all of us.. THEY WERE ON STAGE… Yeah!! 
All the vloggers who switched to being a YouTuber or at least they are doing it as a part time thing. We all know, to get people know our brand on internet is difficult. It takes lots of patience to get subscribers and to keep them tuned in as well. There is competition. And we all know there shall be.
Few of the Indian vloggers on YouTube
1) prajakta koli
She’s just so good. All the time whenenver I get on her channel she is going to make you laugh.

2) sejal kumar
    She is the graduate in commerce from one of the best college in India which is Lady shri ram college. She switched up at YouTube and her journey inspires all of us. Recently, she went at Ted talk where she shared. She vlogs on lifestyle, beauty and travel. I like it.. And yeah!!  She also does music covers and uploads her dance videos sometimes.

There are lots of, but I like all of them. As they have nice content, Good camera and happy to edit it..
   YouTube is amazing. There is a channel which is called AIB. That’s a funny channel too..
Girlyappa is good at producing short and hilarious clips. The team is contributing their best.
    There are lots of youtubers. Even you and me can just vlog if you really want to go ahead. The good camera will come… Time to sit and edit the videos will come (only on Sunday’sπŸ˜‚) ..But doing something is always good than doing nothing. But just see to it that you make your viewer ‘happy’. And you know… To raise your subscribers graph (it’s gonna need time)
There on YouTube we will find videos on morning routine and night routine…. How many of you watch it? 


It’s good to START.
Happy vlogging.
Just put the content.. Just begin..
I know, it’s important to have a good camera and edit the videos well… (I will get a camera soon..)  I have began… I could do a video for you guyw like before and πŸ€”
You can just put out there creatively anything… From what to do after making love, what to eat to have these and that, anything.. And you know.. People are there to listen at you..
   So, if you want to start as well..
Have you watched my vlog?
Let me know.
click here
Happy reading…
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5 thoughts on “YouTube FanFest

      1. I had redad you with different blog name recently and lost it then created this and found you very quickly..Good


    1. Yeah.. Yeah!!
      But I had to keep the content short…
      So I included two Indian women YouTubers…
      In the post ahead.. I will try to include more of them…


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