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Hey!! How are you?? If you want to tell me you can. Just scroll down(reading my blog) and do comment or connect with me on instagram and for that go to my prior posts because I m sure you will love them. Well, why to make you go on searching. Huh… Well I m not that bad.. Okay!! It’s @april_autumn12. Okay!! Don’t twist your lips dear… Get the link… april_autumn12 just click and there you go…. Message me and I will reply you..

Don’t you do all these suddenly…?? Suddenly you come across me and then you fall in love with me.. How cool!! Congrats!! You have fall in love with a bitch!! Suddenly!!

Well…. Well.. Well..

Lots of things in our lives happen suddenly, just as the prompt popped up in someone’s mind all of a sudden. And suddenly thoughts began to feel like the tornado.. Uhhhh… That’s bad..!! But all I m doing right now comes under ‘suddenly’!

Suddenly, life throws so much fucking shit at the same time.. And suddenly we are ready to handle everything.. No matter how worst anything may seem… Suddenly we get the feeling that we are useless and suddenly we become strong..

So many things… Are happening suddenly!!

Suddenliness have it’s own beauty!!

Sometimes someone hates if anything happens suddenly.. Those planners!!

And for some sorts of people like me… Life comes suddenly.. Breaks us suddenly and makes us suddenly… People who allow the suddenliness!! A lot… People who love to walk through the flow of life…

Suddenly there will be New Year start and all the months will pass away… And look there is another day of completely New Year…. suddenly we come to know that the petrol in our bikes is over and…. you know the story ahead..

Suddenly You See yourself in the mirror and realize that you are looking gorgeous…

All of a sudden one day… Your opinions about you are only going to matter..

Take care…

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