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International Women’s Day!

Ladies!! Hello..!!

Happy Women’s Day!! Yes,its March 8th and we are celebrating our womanhood. Ye!! Happy to be a women…

So, am I going to speak conventional or unconventional? Well…. I m going to speak about everything. What it takes to be a women. What it takes to be a sweet and calm? And what it takes to be bold and badass? Let’s talk about all. Boys!! You are great too. We need to thank you first . For having sex with the lady and allowing a girl to be born. Because nowadays all the fathers are not that happy to have a girlchild.

I m glad to be a women. A happy girl in my own skin. We all girls need to be proud of ourselves that we our one of those fast and furious sperms which maked to our mother womb to form a zygote. And after the nine months of being there… Hey!! Girl!! We saw the world.

The world, who was going to set boundaries for us and also the same world was going to offer the unlimited scope. Are we living limitless? If not, we have to!! Start revealing yourself. Be fearless. We all have seen in our lives that when a boy is born, he is given huge importance and love. That’s because, he is the ‘kul-dipak’! ( A guy who will let the history let run.. Give birth.. And will be the link to carry the family name ahead…) A girl gets married and she gets another surname. But boys carry just one surname throughout their life.

Girls!! We are raised. To be a good girl. And so we are. We are been bombarded my the values. Which we think are good in its own way but within ourselves we feel that we have our own values and we can be the one who thinks out of the box. People comment on our behaviour but we have made ourselves so strong that their thoughts won’t affect us ever. Our mothers make us strong. She is worried about us because she knows how the world treat the vagina’s. That’s how the male culture looks at us (especially when we are alone) . I know!! Good male also exists.

Just like you boy… We have seen our body changing. When we get into out puberty… What we get? Periods!! We begin to menstruate!! The beginning of the blessing, which nature gives to us.. So we could reproduce. We shall nurture it. And make our body healthy place. We have to eat and sleep well.. At the same time, we get attracted to handsomes.. At the beginning, we actually aren’t aware what our body is telling us. But gradually, we get to know that the desires are increasing and it’s all happening just because of ‘hormones’. Ohhh!! I love hormones.

We have our studies to do and lots of things to win at. We have our whole world to conquer. Our career takes it toll. We get to introduce with the various fields and left confused what’s right for us.. We think.. Shall I be a finance officer, shall I try my luck in entertainment. What shall I do..? Isn’t it..??

Then we start to see the changes happening on our facial skin. It becomes oily or too dry. But patience is a virtue. Everything get alright!!

Life starts showing us lots of colours. Colours in which we get colourful and few in which we don’t want that colour on us. Oh!! That’s simply confusing..!!

Then we have lots of secrets. Just we know that.

We keep on discovering our womanhood and our influenced my many women.

Which lady inspires you?

And boys!! How you want your first lady to be like??


Take care..!!

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      1. Your gravatar is linked to the wordpress feed and not to your blog. So, when others read a comment that you make, and want to read your blog, they click on your gravatar hoping to reach your blog. But, they get the main wordpress feed instead.

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  2. Your Gravatar is right there next to your name, but when I click on it I can’t see your website linked to it (take a look at mine, there’s a ‘websites’ section below the big avatar picture). If you’re having trouble, try visiting , that’s another way to set it up.


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