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Talking with my specs on#4


How are you? What I am doing right now? Okay!! Let me tell you.. I m sitting on a porch with my tea in a hand and yes!! I m thinking about you.. Yes!! You read it right. Just you!! The day has been great and what I did all day was just have the revision and get all the overlooked concept in my head. You know how studying is. Right! If you have to get through anything, you have to work hard. Yeah!! And act just ‘smart’! Today when I was just browsing over and over I got on the topic ‘beer’! Do you drink it that often? The girls drinking beer! Why we consider that as a cool thing. Sometimes I just don’t get it. Even we have stepped in a new era, does it mean that girls have beer, loosen themselves. Does having beer is a sign that a girl is modern and do very open-minded. What you feel? Yeah!! Why people say out loud “that girl! Drinks beer just like guys do” ..what they feel or know about her..?

I just want to ask you what you feel of a girl having beer?

Okay!! If a girl want’s to have beer or get drunked is totally her choice. That we all shall be aware and we shall never pass judgement. It said that drinking increases our efficiency at many things. Oh really!! Blah blah blah!! I have a balanced opinion on a girl drinking. You know!! It’s just okay to give it a try. Just few times and we shall not make best friends with beer. Ask me why? You have other ways to loosen yourself and forget stress. Search other options. Don’t drink like…uhhhh!! If you are confident that afterwards you won’t invite any beery things in your life even anybody asks you to have a beer… You won’t!! We lose lots of things if we are addicted to alcohol. You know!! People of all ages go at pubs and discos. But even they go there, they won’t drink any alcohol… Such people exists too..!! In cosmopolitan cities, there is a culture that on weekends where all the girls and boys gang will catch up.. At pubs..!! Then they will have their own hook ups… Love.. Lust.. Sex.. Whatever!!! Something happens just because they are drunk which won’t have happened when they were not alcoholic.

I would love to appeal everybody that don’t bring ‘beer’ in your life as a best friend ever. It’s just okay to give it a try but also to let go then and there… Set some boundaries for yourselves!! But fuck ’em all without being alcoholic, girl!! Be strong!! Be badass!!

Practice immense self-control too.

Make your ‘time’ simply amazing in it’s own way!!

Well, tell me which ‘beer’ brand you love?

I would love to hear from you.

Take care,

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