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Speaking with my specs on#3


I hope you are all well.

Well, I was just thinking about the couples those who spend hours studying along with each other and end up studying nothing. But yeah! The sincere couples also exists somewhere on earth. Kudos!! to those love birds who know what are their priorities and know the importance of study in making their careers and settling as soon as possible.. and then spending time on romantic walks together. But the spontaneous couples, who are always on the mode of making the moments special and never wants to postpone or wait for anything.. They also study, dear!! Studying for two hours sincerely and doing a session of massage to release stress.. Best! If one of the two are in flirtatious mood and want to end up doing wild things, then the boy don’t have any option rather than making lots of work come together between sheets.. Just think!!


Yeah!! Self study is always better option.

How you study? Is he clever than you? Do you compete with him?

Well, what are your study fantasy? Are you studious?

Love to know about you because that’s making you special.

Do let me know your views

Take care,


Have some fantastic fantasies!!

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10 thoughts on “Speaking with my specs on#3

  1. Awesome. Loved your blog.. you write great.. in love with most of dem.. all your posts are so relatable.. πŸ’žπŸ˜‡ specifically this post reminded me of my college days.. Combined studies.. exam days and all of that.. keep writing.. ! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘

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