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Last Wednesday of February!!

Hey!! I hope you are doing well whatever you are up-to and had a great February! We are just about to step in the third month of the year and that’s March. Yes!! We are marching towards March. Let’s hope for the best and let’s prepare for the worst as well. Pray to god to give us strength and the attitude that we will live each moment and never take anything for granted. Twenties are all about making yourself powerful and bold. For me, I will be having the farewell Next Week and I will be saying bye to my graduation class. That’s so nostalgic feeling. Just a week we will called the college students and just after the farewell party we will be…. Uhhh..!! But I m happy!! As I say always, we have lived each moment and used everything at its best… So, it’s time for something new. Time to acquire new things which will shape our future. Time flew by at its own pace. It maked me calm,sweet and badass as well. I loved all the versions of mine in my graduation tenure. I improved a lot and tastes lots of things which included lots more sweet with a hint of bitter in it somewhere. You shall remember that don’t just spend time with books during this three years but explore everything. Yeah!! I mean it. Try to unfold yourself and get to know yourself much more well. If you work hard a month before exam surely you can score better. So, brush up your skills and your mind too.

February was awesome as you and me found something good always in each day. So!! Find good!! Have good thoughts in your mind. Say good words. Be the romantic one you know. Love yourself..!! Kick away jealousy!! Spread joy..!! We aim to please.. The month of March is beginning with the festival Holi. Where the evil gets turned into ash and goodness conquers the world and colours are played on holi… The best day!! The day also tells us that.. Make your life colourful..!! And colour your personality as well…!!

Do watch the songs which are on holi. You will be happy listening to it.

1) Balam pichkari –

The most played track on the Holi.

2) lahu muh lag gaya.


4) sairaat zala jee

Do watch for sure…!!

Each boy and each girl wants to get touched by him/her. And make the day too special.

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So, what are you planning for March?

Have a colourful Month ahead.

Take care.. πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Last Wednesday of February!!

    1. Hello sir!
      I m good. I will be graduating within two months. Ye!! Thanks!!
      Yes!! We all shall live our life at its best and discover new things. Age shouldn’t be a bar.. It’s just a number.. We could start anything new.. You inspire me. πŸ™‚
      Sending positive vibes πŸ’«


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