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Talking with my specs on!!


Hope you are doing well. You want to share anything with me. Please feel free. Today I was not at all in the mood of studying. You know, we go through the ‘one day’ phase when we don’t want ourselves to carry on the routine work. We want to do something different (I didn’t sat on couch and saw movies.. Nah!! Laziness didn’t hit me). I just observed things around a lot, for what I was not getting time to do far. You know how busy we get on when there are weekdays… Right? Today I woke up late and then I went at the temple. It’s good to visit the spiritual place once a day. It makes us feel calm,you know!! Uplifts us!!

So, do you have spectacle? Do you wear those? Or you prefer lenses? Your specs is cat-eyed one or rectangular one? What you prefer? When was the last time you had your eye-checkup? Let me know your answers.I care about you and I want your eyes to be good and stress free when your eyes are reading my posts(and whatever you see, discover, read.. Your πŸ‘€ need to be good, you know!). I have been using my specs since last seven years. The spec of mine makes me look more charming+studious!! How cool combo I m!! Ye!! The black frame, even though it falls down(if) take cares of the glass as well. I love my specs. You know, we have seen and discovered that black specs in every picture a writer or a blogger posts. An insta picture is never complete if we are posting our workplace pic or a pic along with our cup and notebook. Specs have again come in trend. It’s trendy!! Which makes me trendy as well. Ye!! And you know !! If we carry the specy look in a good way, we can look a lot more sexier!! The hot boys will die and chase anything just to remove our specs with their fingers and give us their love dose. What you think? I know and you too know that, we look too good with specs and definitely very good without specs. A real hotie! We need to think, which one shall we prefer in our everyday life. Bad Boys fall for specy girl. Have you experienced? Or saw happening around you? Specs me look awesome. Share with me your tips on how you deal with specs? You love it or not?

1) If you ever feel that you need an eye check up, please go and do check. Never keep thinking. Eyes are important.

2) They are your eyes. Feel confident while wearing them.

3) There is nothing inferior if you have specs. There is nothing to hide.

4) As your height increases the number of the specs may increase. After it becomes stable, you can choose doing Laser treatment (In my case, I m still wearing.. Because I like specs)

5) Show off!!

In the era, we spend so much time looking at screens. So, wearing a specs is never a bad idea. Prefer anti-glare one.

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2 thoughts on “Talking with my specs on!!

  1. I don’t wear glasses but I think that they can make a HUGE statement, and that there are flattering ones for every face type. I enjoy wearing sunglasses and always go for the biggest frames, possibly to match my head size!! Great post with lots of interesting information, thank you πŸ™‚


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