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Promise day!!


So, you got red rose, yellow one or white? Let me know. So who gave you or did you gave the rossy rose to him? How you did it? Woohoo..!!

So, it’s promise day next.I mean after teddy day. Where the lovers promise each other the vows sort off. We shall know that we shall not make false promises to each other, they need to be practical. Both of the lovers, doesn’t matter it’s male or female. Playing with emotions and making wrong promises can be bad. You can promise various things. Why the ‘promise’ is important. Promising people are Treasure in our lives. It creates intimacy. And if you fulfill the promise it can be the beautiful feeling for him. Promising anything to him shall not affect your freedom at all. And the main promise we give is being there for him forever. What illusion or a sort off delusion we create. That hope which emerges which creates more closeness between. Promises!! Rules!! Are they maked just to break. When in love there are no rules but I guess there are promises.

1) Promise him that whatever happens you will be friends with him.

2) A promise to never get angry if call or reply isn’t given.

3) A promise of not taking each other for granted.

4) A promise to love even in worst situations.

5) A promise to be a lifetime cheerleader.

6) A promise to give hug. A promise to be a shoulder to cry on.

Plug in the earphones!!

Take care..

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