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Teddy day!!


I know you were waiting for the next post for the Valentine’s week .As you and me are waiting for the next day as it comes… So after licking that hot 🍫 on chocolate day it’s time to convert him /or else he is just like a teddy bear. Whatever size he falls into, he is your teddy bear!! Teddy! It’s not important to behave in a tidy way with your teddy. Smash him, hug him tight, sleep over him, let him sleep above you, do some ku-chi-koo…!!

So, it’s teddy day! The next!! And he or you may give each other teddy. Maybe you don’t like that artificial teddy so… Use him!! Well!! Remember teddies are created to make us happy!! Get happier!! Who’s gonna stop you…

Be happy!!

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Take care!!

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