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Flavours of family


Hope you are doing well.

Everything is gonna be fine, believe me!! Yeah!!


Along with our family we share lots of moments. We yell at each other, love, embrace and celebrate too. We are there for each one always. The five persons in our inner circle most of the time include our family members, am I right? We all have experienced that we scream at our family members and there is anger fuming inside home..somedays are like that! But gradually all is well… Where there is love there will be some anger talk too. There will be sarcastic and anger talk between the mother in law and wife. Lots of things. There may be fight in the siblings. So, when something goes wrong within our family it’s certainly our duty to brush the anger and fight under the rug and see to it that the fight won’t be flashing for the third person that he gets aware about the fight. No third party shall get benefit because of your guys fight in the house. Just try to wrap up and keep happiness a priority. I m not saying that don’t fight for truth, please do! But you are the pride of your family. Live with it! Look, all family members can be arrogant, too nice, unromantic, etc. But remember, Family! You shall be understanding!! Okay!!


Be happy!!

Let me know your thoughts.

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I too want to have a great family of my own. My husband and my daughters. πŸ˜‰

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