Always waiting!!


So, for whom you are waiting for? Would love to know.

There will be someone or the other for whom we will be waiting. We will be waiting for sure. When we are waiting at that moment excitement and nervousness hits us. When we are about to meet someone somewhere we just keep on thinking that will she/he come? When? What if? We get anxious and think what not. Am I right? What is the scene when we are waiting? You tell me more. Do you sit on that chair, keeping your chin resting on your palm and keep staring at the entrance. Have you ever done it? We glance at the sidewalks on road? We sneak out from the window? Why? Just to see the face we worship. Just as our heart, soul and mind is thinking about that person. We at least want to talk or at least see them right in front of us. Parents wait for their kids to grow up and mature. But when we wait and the thing we have been waiting for doesn’t happen we feel low. As if we are waiting for the sunrise but it’s still dark. When we are on our next time waiting for someone then it takes courage as we lose hope first and we don’t want to get hurt. Right?

Wait will be there in some form or the other in our lives. Until last moment we will wait for the ‘death’ too.

When getting education we make sure that we study nicely and go for exams well prepared and then we are waiting for the results. In this era , of messages and messaging app how could I forget the ‘the wait for someone’s message’ thing..huh!! 🙂I know!! We all have experiences.

take care…..


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