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Yet to get touched there #1


Let’s begin with the culture we all belong to. Okay? Because no matter which part of the globe you live or which community you belong to. The Hindus, Christian, Sikh, Muslim and all others respected castes have one thing they will tell ‘importance of virginity’. Pure!! Pure by thoughts or body? Hmm!! That’s the each one’s perspective, right? But the topic we all have interest in. To know. Girls do have importance. Long time back, the fathers asset was having a virgin girl home. He used to sell her (marriage) …Historical stuff it is!! Our society figures out generally ‘how the girl is? ‘ from the area they live. How they live? Oh!! When you get to know where she lives could stroll around her house and scroll down her social media presence and troll her on your mind… May be later!! In India too ‘virgin’ girls are good. They are considered that way.. If they tell… Talking about sex is taboo. But there are people like me who love to know about male body. ‘virgin’ are the girls who crave to have sex.

So dear, we all are get talking about virgin girls (also switch to boys sometimes… If anyone would share his experience with me… But yeah! I will like to sneak in a v-boy head and know how he thinks) some are virgin because they are, some say they are when they are not and some stay virgin by thoughts but their lives are totally fucked. There are so many virgin! Have it! I will be covering more on the topic in coming days. Each one of us will touch and get touched by someone. Sex is great, maybe!! That’s what a virgin thinks. What are your thoughts?? Would love to hear…

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Use condoms!!

Take care……!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸

4 thoughts on “Yet to get touched there #1

  1. Ok, first of, I’m not a virgin. My opinion is that nobody ought to rush to lose their virginity. I think everyone needs to be emotionally ready for it. I don’t necessarily believe in holding out for a true love. What you think is true love changes over time.

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    1. Hmm..!! ‘sex life’ is totally our own take. Depends on us to say certain guy is true love or not. Because we never know what way our journey will be.
      Sexual needs and desires are there. And may be each sexual encounter can me different as the ladies experience different orgasms all the time and never one same time

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