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Study in track #2 (padmaavat)

Hi!! Studious fellow!! How are you?? Had food?? No!! Then have something because to get that difficult chapter in your head you need to have something in your tummy. Excuse me! Eat!!! So that you can focus well.

It’s been a great day so far. I planned to complete the management studies. I grasped the concepts quite well. I preferred staying at home and studying. For something’s you have to invest less time and grab more. Take help of internet to find reference for your study as I found. I practiced more than five problems well and was getting good. I hope I will do better at it in coming days.

Well, it’s so important to keep track on our monthly budget. I m sharing this as I was learning about budget. Budget helps us to get record and predict future too. It’s so much important for all of us also the twenties like me to hold on their desires to spend. Cash shall be used wisely. Keeping track on the inflow and outflow of cash is so much important. While I was studying a thought rapidly came and went out and in my mind about shall I spend on watching the 🎥. The ‘padmaavat” is releasing tomorrow. Shall I hold on or shall I let it go and watch later. But you know such thinking have little space in my head and it’s ruled by the girl who won’t miss any opportunity ever. So, I will get going and watch it as it is the most awaited movie of the year which was supposed to get release last year but the people who were mainly the opposers were against the release. But now the Supreme Court have allowed. Hoooray!! I will give you a review on the movie.

Why I m going to watch the 🎥?


1) I love the film direction. The scenes capturing and all stuffs.

2) The whole plot of the movie which I can make out from trailer that it’s tooooo impressive!

3) I love historical movies. (though the scenes in movies are not too historical) we shall keep in mind that it’s for entertainment sake.

4) Huge fan of designs on ‘lehngas’ ..make-up and jewellery.

5) Expression!!

And many more…


Take care!!

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5 thoughts on “Study in track #2 (padmaavat)

  1. April I always enjoy your blog. You sound well organized and have a good balance of work and play in your life. I have not heard of the movie you are talking about. I hope you enjoy it. I am working on my blog today. Life is full and beautiful even though I am a bit tired today.

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