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Study on trackย 


Hi!! Studious you. You shall know these that somewhere in you there is a new studious you. A girl with a specs who just studies all the time is termed as ‘nerd’. But hope you know that she is not.

Well, for studying the ‘mood’ is very important. You need to get in mood!! ‘Studying’ sometimes is a mood game. When we are about to study something which we don’t keep any interest about finds bore to take in mind. So ‘mood’!! Studies are good routine if you have done it right and at the same time it will be enjoyable semester till you complete it. When I read the boring stuff and don’t want to take in ..the quantity of time I spend on it don’t matter… The result is if I m in mood then I will take the studied content in. If I m in mood the material I read goes in head within few hours. Studying well is all about quality you put in and not the quantity of time you spend on studying. As I hold interest in other fields too like writing, dancing and sports I can’t settle for more hours.

But I promise to myself that I will be working hard from right now. The semester is good so far and coming up will be surely good if I score well. So, what I may do to bring ‘me’ in mood. Look I know I have to study and I m trying to. So, I m setting goals like for every week I will complete the study of the particular subject. Starting with the difficult subject first is always helpful.

So if you have any tips for getting good at study do share as I would love to add them in coming up articles from me.

Studying is awesome!! Live it!!!


Take care!!

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