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Third Saturday of this year!! 


Hope you are all doing great wherever you are and whatever you are up-to.  Good luck!!  Remember victory is yours if you are putting your heart in it just like when you put and do dance putting your heart in dance then the dance will never ever leave your heart. Some things we come across life that we can’t live. Sometimes the things about which we are worried most about turn as a truth. The thing which we are most afraid about becomes reality sometimes. (happens sometimes). It’s the third Saturday which brings us to the end of the third weekend bash. Some of you are chilling all around and few of you are planning to have a great rest. Let me know how you plan your weekend to be? The coming weeks ahead? Any plans…. 

We listen at so many good shows which stream on TV generally on weekends (if I m not wrong). The best and most awaited film will come on TV on weekends when all the family sit together and get happy. We all have a great look at TV to watch the interviews. (even if the PM of India speaks after a long time on TV… The ads flashes on other channels that the Prime Minister is speaking. Because generally the PM talks his heart out on 📻 as ‘Man ki bat’) 

(sipping tea right now) Wow.. Yes!! It tastes well. What you like tea or coffee?  

If you are great music buff You must listen at ‘Saturday Saturday’ song from hungry Sharma kee dhulania . Want to listen at the song click here.

Just after a week we will be having the fourth Saturday of January. How it will be?  For sure good it will be. Just imagine yourself getting well dressed up and getting on a self love date at a store on your own and meeting the man you get in love with. Watching him makes your cheek turn pink.. You could feel it…!! Imagination have no limits!!  I know the week was tiresome for you but let’s think of the upcoming week in a good romantic way and a stash of pink. The whole week made you to look at every second very sincerely and unromantically (maybe)  (because you know working is without drama and emotions are far away). But at least during weekends let your mind and heart know that emotions also exist within you. 

Do let me know your thoughts!! 

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Will have lots of conversation there as well. Feel free to ask me and share with me. 

Thanks and Gracias..!! 


Take care… 

One thought on “Third Saturday of this year!! 

  1. I went out for drinks with a friend last night and am suffering today! Going to be taking it easy tonight with a movie maybe! And, weather depending (because it rains here loads) I’ll be going for a nice walk tomorrow! 🙂
    Love your way of looking at the week ahead!

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