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Movie locations #1


What captures my eyes while watching any movie is the location it has been shot. 

My latest favorite movie ‘Tiger zinda hai ‘ movie was shot in Middle Eastern countries. The song ‘swag se swagat’ which was shot in Nexos, Greece. I find such locations very cool and have desire to go and flaunt my dance over there and enjoy. 

You must have also noticed the location give the movie or even a picture an edge. The location is so important. 

Today, I m sharing with you the movie shots of the song ‘swag se swagat’

Do let me know your thoughts.. 

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Tell me more about how important locations are. For a romantic night as well as having food with a picturistique background.

Take care!! 

Happy locating yourself at awesome locations. Do share!! 

4 thoughts on “Movie locations #1

    1. I haven’t traveled to Greece yet. The photos are from the movie ‘Tiger Zinda hai ‘ song “swag se swagat’.
      The location they have shoot. I m in love with it.. The naxos, Greece.
      I hope you will travel the romantic and historical place soon.

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