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Pregnant early or let?? 


Hope you are doing well.. 

Does getting pregnant early a good or bad?  See it totally depends on us, Right?  Are you ready to be a parent? Mentally? Age is not a limitation. Science have given lots of boon for the people. When we have sex, a lady gets pregnant. Simple!  But even though it seems simple timing while conceiving… That’s important!! The zygote formation Is important. Becoming a mom and experiencing motherhood is totally our girls choice as we undergo such a transformational change. Girls who are sexually active or not, doesn’t matter!!  But always remember having sex with a guy who will be there for you, always! Even though you both use precautions and you get pregnant then also.. He shall be the guy who stays with you along. A guy who will hold you in other arm and keeps his palm on your baby bump. Sex is thrill!! But when you are stress free.. It’s more joyful!! Girls have to handle. Girls get pregnant.. So, that’s what I feel that a man who will behave like a real man can be really good father. 

Girls!! Promise to yourself that having baby will be your choice and don’t get in taboo sphere of thinking. Child before or after marriage doesn’t matter.. The love between you and him matters… And he is there for you always…. 

Celebrities mom have flaunt their baby bump.. 

Take care!! 

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