Just sipping the tea!!Brewing hot… !!And the earphones plugged in and soothing music going!! 

Got a little cold and cough… Having medicines!! So nothing to worry. The weather changes and the body doesn’t know how to take it. Taking rest!!! 

My favourite home remedies of getting rid of cough and cold are:

Getting steam and feeling awesome!! Put some been leaves and just get the steam. Use vaporiser!!  Get the garlic tea(hot)..and give your throat a little warmth. I’m sure it will work wonders. Go at a ayurvedic store and get a ‘sitopaladi’ churna. Eat ‘lavang’!! Gargle with warm water and put pinch of salt and turmeric in it… And ample of sleep!!! 

Carry handkerchief along with you!! 

Live healthy!! 

Take care!! 

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