‘i’ removed…


You may think that here I m talking about the ‘me’  ‘you’ ‘i’…. No…!! The most controversial movie of the year is padmavati…ooops…. ‘padmavat’…just the ‘i’ is removed and the movie is out at Theatre on this 25th… Just that ‘i ‘ maked such a magnum opus movie release one month late. Does ‘i’ really bothers or have hurted the sentiment. Then you don’t believe in your community.

The movie was going to release in December… But the people(maybe politicians) didn’t allowed.. Or give way… People were gonna cut the actress nose… (stupid!!)  …… We all are happy as we could watch the most awaited movie… ‘padmavat’… Whatever name is… Movie… The visuals… And entertainment matters…. 

padmavat trailer

So click… Above link.. And enjoy.. 

Movie is just made for the sake of entertainment. That’s it!! Why to get involve in such things… Just watch… Take something good if there is in the content.. Otherwise leave it.. 

‘padmavat’ n ‘padman’ are releasing… Do watch…!! 

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