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To reach the shore

The urge to reach the shore. The urge to go..reach.. When you are sinking..!!  The way you look at shores from so far….. That desire..!! Of grabbing the shore.. And when you don’t know how to swim… But you want to reach… It feels so thrilling!! Yes!!  Feelings like…classy movie fantasies.. Someone will save me… 😂 it happens.. 

In our lives we all thrive to reach at coast. To reach somewhere. Some get in the middle of the ocean and don’t know where to go for. Some are confused… 

Two shores never meet. But it’s said that love has the power to do it… Amalgamate!!  

Character, Career, passion, love… Etc etc…. Get us all to our ultimate shore and live us all for next voyage.

The urge to get in his arms.. Is sometimes just like you have met the shore. It’s such a pure feeling!! 

I hope you all meet your shores and get on a voyage..  

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