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If that happens to me too #1

Hi!! Hope you are well. 

In life we come under circumstances in which we get equipped with the ‘afraid monster’ in our head. That is we are afraid and scared that ‘that thing can happen with me? ‘ .

When one goes on lake and take a boat ride there. And when one have heard and seen the news on TV and on social media about how people lost their lives when riding the boat. That thing may scare him or her. The lake boats shall see to the safety first. People shall not get in that ‘selfie craziness’. Hey..!!  Just look what is happening around and stay aware and safe. The water appears so scary when the water gets so close and there is just water all around you and…. You have not learnt swimming yet or not even tried…. 

So, buddies get in situation and know your safety ratio. Promise me that you won’t get carried away under friends influence and fall prey to somewhat ‘ bad…’ …

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Take care..!! 

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