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talking #2

When we grow up-to certain level you need a perfection and standard. What kind of girl I m ?? Maybe sometimes I need lots of fun and sometime I need a silence… A solitude!!  (Right now, girls are dying hard to click snaps on the avenger bike… So stupid it looks.. There are just doing that since last hour and not capturing well… Why it’s happening.. )And I m sitting quite because I m sitting here for the photoshoot of the university cricket team…( thats been delayed)  

When you get to know life is just not clicking selfies but well it’s more then that…  your life becomes good.. 

One arrives on Railway Station.. What they do..??  They get the gadget out.. And capture!! Create stories on social media… 

This happens with all of us.. Even I’m one… But when you observe and look how people go mad for selfies.. And click lots of… Haha.. And only upload one of lots of.. With those amazing apps which have mischievous filters in it… 😜😜

I would love a guy who notices me in those other twenty clicked pics and not getting wooed by just one… But the another one too… Where there are other faces and without using filters… Sometime like that… 

Being perfect is need lots of hard work.. 


We could talk more on instagram 


Take care

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