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Hi..!!  Hope you are doing well.. 

This 26th of January will be the most awaited for movie buffs and patriots too.. 

On 26th January we all will be celebrating Republic Day..!! 

And The movie: padman starring Akshay Kumar will be released. The movie is based on true event and happening. How the girls not only in villages but also in each part of the world faces the four days of menstruation. The women use the cloth and always worried. The Sanitary pads are not affordable for them. 
 You can watch the trailer here.

Watch the real padman  talk.

Just click and watch the trailer and talk. I m sure you will enjoy it and also spread awareness. Help girls to get comfortable. 

Let’s discuss about the myths and all about menstruation in coming up posts as well. 

Take care, 

Once the movie gets released.. I will write review too… 

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