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Hope you are fine. And having a fucking New Year start… Hello fuckers…!! 😜😜

It’s been just a few finger counting days.. Which kept us ladies finguring and guys… Just happy..!! (because we ladies think just about our pleasure, maybe)

We all may have goosebumps raising New Year.. In fact, why New Year?  Let each day bring in our lives… what?  Bliss!! May we all indulge in acts which are blissful. It may be anything! From swimming to getting hard stuffs in mouth. We all find pleasure in various things at various moments. Right now may be, you are in moment of hearing about the global news. Maybe you are thinking right now about the flower blossoming in your garden. Maybe a guy Is also thinking about trimmed ,neat, delicious looking garden. May be… maybe when I will be in my thirties, I will be living the life of twenties.. May be..!  I mean that, what I m supposed to win Now.. I could win then.. That time.. May be, right now.. You are feeling sorry about the last night.. Maybe you are worried about that pimple.. Don’t worry, you will get rid of it.. 

So, we shall all keep in mind that we shall solve problem as soon as possible.. So that the problem will get over and there will be something more to remember as well. 

Girls and boys!! Remember.. Those who are going through any struggle in their lives.. Academics… career or anything.. Don’t get  in Sentimental sex… keep it apart… if you get out of these as a strong person on your own.. You will be happy.. Don’t add drama to your life of struggle.. Wait for the marshmallow… practice controlling your clitts and cocks.. Sometimes wait is hot.. And worthy.. But who says not having it..?  Have it deliciously and expensively !!

And girl don’t get in making resolutions of getting fucked up this year. .i m virgin…. .yes!!  If you want to fuck him. .thats another thing.. Sexy!! 

Have a year in which you try to get in touch with god… almighty!! 

Let me know your thoughts… 

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Take care… 


22 thoughts on “Talking#01

    1. 🙂🙂 may be!! It depends upon who is well treating the garden.. Because gardens are always good…
      The one who plays… Decides how the ‘garden’ maked them feel…

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