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Let’s have a great year! 


I hope you have begun well with the New Year. 

Yeah!! It’s January!! The very first month of every New Year serves with its various flavours and the next will be February ‘ye!! Valentine’s day’… (celebrate even you are single, okay!)     let’s start the journey together, let’s be together during good and bad times. You can share with me and feel free talking with me. Believe in yourself!! Even you have got tired don’t quit… Rest for a while and get back again. Let the other people say never ride your heart and mind. The people say shall not shake, make or break you. Be strong!! Take care of that beautiful skin, and guys groom that beard too because you look very 🔥… ☺!! Try the self-control thing. That’s what I m going to make sure I follow. I m not going for the sudden marshmallows coming my way but I will be waiting for the final marshmallows (wait!! Is important.. Don’t know the marshmallow will be final). The sudden appealing thing which tries to who me… Controlling that is necessary if one wants to grow. I read that the one who self control.. Tastes success in the professional and career… Blah blah blah… (you also read that theory once). Self control!! (that’s going to be tough) 

And as its chilly January one needs to get up early and exercise but.. I m living that cozy comfort in the blanket. (I want to work on for weight as well. I want to gain some..) ….eat eat eat eat…!! 

So let’s have a great year…!! 

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Take care!! 



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