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Two thousand seventeen!! A remarkable year.. ❤


How are you..??  What you planned for 2k17 did it got executed..?? Well well well.. There is another year year coming up.. Twenty eighteen..!! 2k18..

Surely we all are excited, right??  And we all owe a diverse way to show it that we are Happy and excited… Some of us pull it so far that they keep on sharing their whole story on instagram about how they are celebrating year end. They show and keep on doing show how much they are drinking.. Updating updating the story… Ugh..!!  I know all have their own way of celebrating. I love partying n all. But when it comes to posting all the things on social media. I don’t like it. Why anyone else would want to listen at you and important is.. How can you be so virtual?  They don’t have right to see how one is shaking on floor and celebrating.. 

We get to see and sometimes have been in situation of sitting at home without partying.. You can just wish of getting at a pub and dancing there.. Happens!!  Sometimes one feels that it’s just a year change, that’s it.. Why to make so much conversation and events..?  And some think that.. Where to party? What to plan for New Year? What to change? Blah blah blah… Resolutions (how can I forget this)!!! 

Yeah!! Having sips of tea and watching the sun set.. With your loved once around is amazing feeling.. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

The year so far was remarkable!!  I learnt so much.. Lost and also gained much more. Overall I know that I n strong!  And the another year is going to be amazing and positive too. There will be amazing songs coming out way, great things happening in world, challenges to face, lots of things… But we have to grow..!! Develop..!!  And be good… 

I know for all of us the coming up year is going to be incredible. If you have any doubt..make it incredible!!  Have hope!! 

So, have a great year ahead!! 

Take care!! 

In twenties, however you are celebrating the New Year eve and wherever.. You wish always that it could have been better.. Twenties are amazing…!! 

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