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Hey!! Hope you are embracing yourself.. Huh!!! 


Embrace what you are born with because that’s beautiful. You shall know that first of all. 

Two flowers one rose and one tulip. Kept just beside each other never loose their beauty. They go well in a bouquet together. None of them loose their beauty n spark. They have ‘that’ about themselves. They are so comfortable with their own existence and know very well how to embrace themselves. They are so comfortable with their own existence and know very well how to embrace themselves very well. What do I mean by by ‘very well’ here. I mean that they feel good about themselves.

Worldwide we make differences in skin color, voice, gender and overall choices. We forget that all of us have the right to embrace them and nurture. You have that honey like dusky tone which makes you special. If too beautiful girl but with a lazy game won’t win. But a girl who is  been considered as ugly but have confidence and knows how to embrace herself more well could win. So how you are ‘in’ there that matters. 

We all feel to get love from someone and to give too. That’s our need. But how we embrace our emotions matters too. Embracing emotions which involves risk couldn’t be embraced later. Good things!! They are meant to get embraced. You shall know where your mind is flowing by. 

Embrace your actions!!  Body language…Remember it’s never too late to embrace your hobbies or passions. It’s never too late to be ‘You’. Never!! 

You might have been sad since long time thinking over-embracing things. Maybe!! But hey.. Lift yourself up and embrace yourself with a smile. Surely, you will boost the endorphins. 

There may be a girl who haven’t allowed you to make her happy. But remember that you can embrace that desire in you with your own hands too,right? . She may do that ‘own’ pleasuring thing too. Embrace safety!! 

Few days back, the ministry banned the condoms adv. Between 6 to 10pm. Well that’s when more of the people watch the idiot box  that is t.v . There needs to be change in perspective. Embrace change in perspectives. 

As a student we shall know that embracing the time and utilizing in productive way is good. Even though he may appear in your day dream. But embrace Your Own desires which will remain permanent (education, work, etc). 

And when it’s time for the festival and New Year. Embrace the days, people you have around, food, the songs you enjoy and those moments of hehehaha too… embrace the remaining days of the year too… make the embracing process amazing… 


Take care!! 

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