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Feel #9πŸ€—


It’s around the time before the Christmas holidays begun and all of the people around you are turning for hot vacation destination and grabbing joy. Living life!  And a girl have not traveled along with her family for around five years. How she must be feeling? Bad!?? Yes!!  She does.. Because she don’t have any stories to share to dream about or even create air of fame on social media. Seeing the pictures of beautiful places around the world which are been visited by the people she knew.. Fucks off!! Truly.. Her family is capable of going on a holiday together which can me lavish for sure. But in reality it is not happening…. Happens!!  But she lives each moment and have hope… 

Forming a similar tribe of your own is difficult sometimes. Sometimes you owe far different characteristics than your parents which makes you differ in so many views. You may think like that and they might don’t get what you are thinking like. Happens!! 

So many things are happening around us or have happened.

Each year things are ‘happening’ to us. We make such moments ‘happening’ and sometimes moments have their own flavours. 

In the year you may have experienced a lot of things. Which maked you strong and you got to know yourself much more nicely and you are happy with it. We say every year and hear all of the people saying “god! This year went by so fast” etc etc. What fast?  At what speed?  Huh..!! Each day that this year have blessed us with gave us all 24hours.  To everyone!! Time was same… No pariallity.. Same time.. Same game we all are playing.. So how fast the year went is not the thing to talk about every year for sure. Talk about…. The journey!! It’s not in how many hours you reach from ‘X’ destination to ‘y’…how the journey felt, taught.. Helped you grow.. Develop you… That what matters… Talk about that… 

The year is so good that it brought various experiences for which I m thankful. I really grew as a person and developed. That’s important!! 

So you party on New Year? Where? 

Let me know your thoughts 

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Take care!! 


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