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What if I m standing right in front of you right now..??  Boom.. How would you react…? That’s how you will react when New Year will come.. Right there…!!  

You now know that New Year is a week ahead approximately and you are preparing yourself for the night of New Year. But sometimes you come across people, scenario, nature that makes you stop and see, speak and talk, meet and greet. Oh yeah!  We are all awaiting for instaworthy picture… But sometimes we can’t capture all. 

” if you find anybody stucked somewhere, try to help them out”

Get remembered for good… 

Even you get across any stranger, do speak with them.. Don’t know if they need your help. Whoever you meet, they will have a impression on you. Which makes you ‘you’.

Today I felt so nice about myself that I tried to help out the trio of Spanish guys. New place for new guys. We all need a place to stay. That’s basic need. I helped them find out room at affordable rate. I hope they felt that I was helpful. As I m learning Spanish I could even talk with them a bit. Wow!! Feeling… 
I love helping people out. 

Take care.. 

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