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Ads ban… 

Hi..!!  Everyone…. 

Unconventional topics are what I will speak about here.. 

Women’s safety, climate,( carbon emissions vehicles are supposed to be banned.. )…so many stuffs are there to be think about and banned too… 

Carbon inhalation can cause problems in our body too. So it affects the fertility too. Can anyone dare to kick there car who is emitting so much gas? 

Sexual education and getting in conversation shouldn’t remain a taboo topic.. 

If you stop certain things…uncertain things without certainity can happen.. 

Could any one stop banning things.. Please!!

Government is the organization who allows and disallows. They do have right. That’s true. But banning somethings right at the moment is getting us together in no way. 

Padmavati the movie was banned my many states. So the movie got released in UK. Why?  That’s the movie which is made for entertainment purpose. Why the board disallowed?  
Now, condoms ads are banned on television between 6 A. M to 10 P. M.  Why? 

That’s true that the ads creates good fantasies moments for each one in their mind. “just visualizing how happy I will get if he gets his dick in me with those dotted condoms… ” All girls and boys could assume.  Will the experience be so steamy as it is shown between the characters on screen. I feel that there shouldn’t be any ban on ads. It’s a (condom)  is a protective measure all the adults shall know to avoid unplanned pregnancy, STI,  STDs… Etc.. It’s a common and precautionary measure which comes in lots of flavours and sizes.. Which makes both the soul very very happy… 

As all know about the food items.. Like noodles for instance.. 

Awareness that condoms are available and need to be used is necessary… 

Look everyone is going to have wonderful sex. So all the lads need to wear that. That’s a safety measure to keep the consequences at bay. 

When society will speak about it openly the boys won’t hesitate to get at a drugstore and get one, rather then moving miles apart to get one… (because he is worried if someone sees him getting one) 

( I have no offense on about the decision taken my the government)

It is no ‘taboo’.. 

Thanks for reading… 

Let me know your thoughts…

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