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Safety #1


Girls need to feel safe.. 

We have our worries 

We have moments to savour as well… 

We women are the object to stalk or spy on.. 

A girl is feeling that someone is spying on her, someone is stalking on her all over. …a guy!! 

She want to share with her parents and friends but she chooses not to as she thinks that sharing could rob her freedom… what she shall do? 

Her sharp mind and eyes have been keeping record where she is. She wants to fight. But that would be a great idea, really?  

Does the women in a society shall be frightened always. Scared? You call a cute girl as a hot girl as if she is a cup of coffee. 

Well, every lady may face stalking in her life at some point… 

Women do get strong…!! 

Let me know your thoughts.. 

Take care.. 

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