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Feel #7

College is a place where we get chance to brush up our qualities and explore more about ourselves. Dancing and playing sports can be one in so many ways to look what we like. College days are in fact best days. I like dancing and this year too I got prize. The whole dance I set up was on my own through observation and skills.. It was fun… !! My mom was so so happy to experience the gathering. As she was happy I was feeling great. The chief guest was one of the actress mom loved watching serial of. 

There are so many influencer around us. We do get inspired from them. And I feel so so good. 

Discovering more about ourselves and breaking the barriers is what I like. It helps to know about myself more. I am capable of performing good dance. So happy I m..!!  Hurrayy!! 

The guest also told that it is important to be selfish at this stage (graduation) and think about ourselves and love ourself and that’s important. She motivated us in a good way. Really such moments have a huge impact on our lives. The guest of honor was purva subhash. And I m happy that my mom and all of my near and dear ones are feeling proud. And I have no problem that they take pride in my victory. It’s inspires me to take more wins.. I mean victories.. And I promise too that even I fail I will earn the winning situation…I Am going to be optimistic… 

At this stage I miss my owwa with whom I would have loved to share my moments with. I know that wherever he is , he is happy for me and feeling proud… And I will make him proud ahead as well… 

The actress in the above picture came at our college gathering.. 

Twenties are all about discovering ourselves and be a badass girl sometimes too…. 😉

Let me know your thoughts… 

Lot more yet to come..

Take care..

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