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All is well!


When sometimes we feel that we shall make our own tribe.. Make friends who have similar mindset and create a good inner circle!  True it is that trust is build after years of understanding and friendship. What you feel when your own family members let you down and never they motivate you. Of course you are going to feel bad. Very bad!!  

But when our parents scold us and don’t believe in our talents.. We are left unbelieved. ..That’s broken feeling within is scary and destructive. 

I want something new to happen. I want to sense a joy within. And I want it!! What to do when the person who gave us birth let us down. It could be negative motivation. May be… ! But a sense of attachment and love comes when there is positive motive. Believing gives the boost. Never forget to motivate others. 

“They gave her the birth, 

Damn!!  Lucky she was. 

They did not pluck the flowers. Nurtured it! “

The relatives came up with wishes and stereotypical views. 

The parents were left with no clue ..they behave in accordance to the idea they receive… 

Is your family one of them who care about what relatives say? 

I guess family is important. They are our own. Own….. But yes..!!  It’s necessary to make our inner circle good.. 


Let me know your thoughts.. 

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Take care.. 


3 thoughts on “Feel#3

  1. Autumn, I agree with you! We don’t choose our biological family but we choose our friends. Sometimes our friends are more important than our family. In the end our friends become our true family. I wish you a beautiful week ahead.β˜ΊοΈπŸ’ž

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