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Movies are inspired by real life events sometimes and sometimes movies inspire us all in some way or the other. There will be at least one movie in our lives which have moved us in doing something. Teenagers mainly try to have an illusion that the hero and heroine are they only.. In the form of lovers or rivals. 

Movies have legacy..!! 

Do listen to is given above.. 🙂🙂
Today I saw a song from the movie “Tiger Zonda he” -” swag se swagat”

That’s rocking song.. 

I liked the look of the heroine in the song in the military sort of attire which look badass.. I loved the look.. 

So the pant like which I used to wear in NCC in school. I cut it in shorts and got the look.. And shaked my body on the music too.. See!!  Song inspired me to do something which made my day.. Very hot!!  Twenties is all about cutting and creating new which is sassy!!! 

Don’t know, but I love the badass looks… 

Have you tried something like this?? 

Do let me know your ideas.. 

And boys don’t forget to carry the hero look as well.. Hot and macho!! Do try!! 

Take care..!! 

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