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GDH #2


I hope you are doing well!! 
When we are Happy!! What happens!!  (remember I m exclaiming)  …being happy is also dependent on the things going around us. The environment plays very important role in happiness element of our lives. Why I’m referring happiness as an element because it never lasts. Right?  Happiness is in store for each one of us. Sometimes in less or more quantity but it’s always there. 

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3 thoughts on “GDH #2

  1. Yes I am full of joy! I think happiness and joy are different. You don’t have to be happy to experience joy. What do you think? I think joy is deeper than happiness. I do love being happy!☺️💟

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    1. Yes..!! Happiness is what we achieve after getting joy. So if you ‘enjoy’ the process of happiness you grab ‘joy’ which lasts long. 🙂


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