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GDH #2 (happiness!!) 


It’s December!! Just a month to go and we will step in New Year 2018. Just like you.. buddy… I m too excited!!  😉😉

Sometimes we have to acquire the happiness. We have heard it lots of times that find happiness within. Don’t get into material happiness now and then it’s going to depreciate or vanish off. 

While accounting,  an accountant have to depreciate the fixed assets with certain decided amount or percent. Everything erodes it’s value as the time flies by. Whatever we do, however we try to maintain the value but it will vanish someday. 

In India, there is a concept called ‘shadripu’ and the philosophers explain that not to run behind those ‘shadripu’. 

But it is not easy to control our desires.

We want sex as we want food, right? 

It’s the happiness and it is really.. 

If we don’t taste everything our tongue won’t explore anything new or something to remember. If we stop falling (love)  then what we will day dream and fantasize about. Being all time serious is really stupid thing. Spicing life is never a bad idea. But in proportion. Alright!! 

Work. Play. Love. Live

Have a lovely December….

Take care..


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2 thoughts on “GDH #2 (happiness!!) 

    1. I hope that December would shower pleasurable moments on you and your family. I m glad you enjoy my blog. Any opinions from you are always welcome. Thank you!!


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