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GDH-gross domestic happiness


Hope you are great!!  And happy!! You may be rich.. But I m talking about happiness.. 

Gross domestic happiness 

Happiness is the thing we relate to high-standard living, living in luxurious life, bunglows,  etc. But have you heard that a country cares about a ratio called as a GDH.

And that’s Bhutan.  The happiest nation. Bhutan is neighboring country to ours. We are striving for progress. When bridges are built and we see lots of skyscrapers and good living, normally,  these all are good indicators of economy. 

But have we lost the sound happy sleep while running behind achieving the money and all… ?

Really money can’t buy the happiness(all sort off) . The peace and calmness is required by every human being. 

After the exhaustive day and troublesome sometime at the end of the day you need to be ‘happy’ and ‘satisfied’

Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia. They are close to nature. The television arrived in Bhutan in 1999. In Bhutan there is more spiritual awareness and there one finds peace. The government wants their citizens to be happy from within. 

We all are aware that though we find happiness in material all through our lives at last the happiness in our thoughts and the happy mind is all that matters. We find happiness sometimes with technology we grab more worthy moments, when we are away from any technological influence.

Those people give importance to family, relationships, nature, agriculture and total natural habitat. They didn’t broke the nature’s attitude so it didn’t affected the human mind.  After all, they are happy and by this means that they are wealthy.. 

Healthy mind… brings happiness.. And that’s what important..

Do leave a comment and let me know your opinions… 

Be happy!! 

Take care.. 💕💕💕💕💕


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