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The desire faced by everyone was similar equipped with Veronica.  The urge of satisfaction and satisfying herself was erupting out of her body like a fountain. She uses various methods to eradicate the libido. But she wanted the muscular weight to be on her. Feminine energy was finding and wanted a masculine energy to form a universal power together.

Ending up with lots of work till which she have controlled her appeal for sex. But now for such sexual adventurous lady like her she wanted to have a party. She wanted to be under his strong shadow . The desire and the energy didn’t listened to none of the control key.

 Why it happens like that? And when once it is done.. The energy becomes calm for a while.. Tension builds up.. Even though lots of precaution has been used. She is a girl and does not want to get mommier right now.. Above she appears calm but inside she is screaming and worried… after all a lady is left worried because she beholds the grown sperm in her womb. Men just wait sometimes.. And it’s sometimes I m talking about …

Well,  Veronica is a sweet girl.

I have been reading a book by leasly pearse  “Charity” ..the book says lots of things.. One is.. ‘where would you go if you had no one to turn to’? ?  …and the book is the story of a brave girl who dares to show her feelings.. Charity gets a baby and her baby’s father sends her a letter telling her to forget about him.  All she is left.. Alone.. That’s such a terrible thing for teen girls.. But she handles it with brave heart and mind. 

It’s the book every teenage girl shall read.  Something leads us to various things . When we get into such things we also know the worth of people around us and know who will wait and go.  And we will get to conclusion, which is worth knowing that we are all left with just ourselves. No one is there.  The earlier you get it you will be smart and wise. 

The fountains of desires will be flowy and erupt always. Far or near,  less or more , early or late.. Force.. But there will be.. Force(lust,love,affection,any other) 

Twenties is the phase where every fountain blow out our body, soul and mind. 

Obviously, it’s possible to control. But one who is emotional being and extrovert. How is it possible. A person who live to make each minute precious,  will he or she will turn his or her back to the attraction which makes their heart beep. …beat!!! 

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