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Talk #1


Hope you are doing well. 

Well today I m going to talk out what comes to my mind,alright..

Let’s begin! 

Don’t you think being busy is a good stuff than doing nothing. I love to be busy. I like to have back to back things lined. I m zealous and hate to sit idle. 

I was just listening at one of my friends how she got in the engineering sector. She wanted to be a teacher and she is a engineer now. Does career and out dream sometimes come true?  People say what is good and we tilt and turn our heads towards it without thinking exactly what we want. And why that happens because we haven’t known our strength in these years and we don’t know what are we capable of doing. Every twenty something goes under the confusion sphere then or now. 

Being good at everything is necessary just like the hole in our ass. Haha..!!  We find a career path and the company chooses a person who have lots of skills. Right?  We have to learn and grasp. We need to be fast and zealous. 

And letting good things on brain and having discipline and control over one desires is the learning skill. 

Lots of stuffs I want you to listen, but let stop by and breathe… 

Let go of worries.. 1 2 3and get your energy.. 4 5 6..

Be happy..!!  Love yourself..!! 

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