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Breaking the barriers 

It’s one fine evening and the cool breeze is making the mood for having hot tea. Karen and his family had tea together. What they had in common in everyone, a certain mutual interest was that of having tea. 

Karan was special is his own way. He always felt something wrong with himself and had a feminine elegance within him. He was more interested in living womanly life. Was that because he was always accompanied by women?  No!  He was someone else in his own skin. His soul wanted to shift it’s way of living. He wasn’t aware much about his gut feeling. He completed his education till tenth grade very well and in college he started to shine in drama as well. Till then he was on his journey of self discovery  When he came in teenage phase of his life his hormones kept him hooked his eyes on males. He knew it within and was afraid to go with his feeling. Fear ruled him. His male hormones weren’t seem to bounce even when he reached puberty. He didn’t grew muscular body, beard and his penis didn’t got hard when he saw women. 

So, to reveal what he is and to speak up and to find courage and to be comfortable within his own skin he started to explore a lot on internet. He got aware how unique he is and kicked-off the guilt feeling in his mind and was confident about his exceptional soul and body. It’s so important to know who we really are and what we love really. He decided to break the barriers and decided to be who, who he is!! 

One day at the college drama department the team was in search of someone who could play ‘draupadi’ character well and could suit real draupadi. As he was beautifully handsome and had sharp and dovy features he got in the role, his poise and expressions kept everyone in jaw dropping happening-in-front-of-them thing. Everyone praised him but like always some critics were there too. 

One day as he was glancing in the mirror. 

His mother walked into the room just as he was about to apply her new lipstick. She was startled. He was startled. “What are you doing with my lipstick?” it’s new.. I haven’t used it so far. Couldn’t you have waited? He smiled and handed it back to her. I forgot to tell you.. I m playing Draupadi in our college production.. Rehearsals start this evening. 

What draupadi?  Are you kidding?  Isn’t there any lady… 

They found me right and I m very happy mother. (his mother knew somewhere that her son is daughter like who used to love to wear bangles, Saree’s, etc and his mom never make him feel bad) 
But getting in front of the audience carrying a women’s attire being a lady. Obviously, she didn’t liked that. 

But as he knew that he is different and is unique. He carried on with the Rehearsals. On the day drama was on stage, everyone appreciated them. He missed his parents for not being there. Later, in youth festival too he performed the same act and got the best actor award. 

Gradually, his parents believed in him and accepted the way he is and appreciated him. It was a transformation. A phase from conventional to unconventional.

He never cared a lot about what people think about him, it never bothered him. He was mentally fit. He was happy with the new found her in herself and now her name is ‘dhruvi’.

‘Dhruvi’ has inspired lot of males to listen at their emotions and feelings. It’s so much important to dare to unveil the real you. Those who find courage to know themselves well and present in front of people who they are really are the praise worthy influencers. 

Let’s find out who we really are and what best versions we could be, to show the world out there. 

Dare to change! Dare to show!!  Dare to express!! 


I wrote this for a competition… 

Do comment.. 

Write India… 



13 thoughts on “Allowed*6

  1. What a touching story of this young person accepting herself. I hope alot of people read this. People need to challenge their fears of people who express their sexuality and gender in non traditional ways. Well done!

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      1. Once I join I will let you know. Surely I will get on the other for getting more in touch with you romantic man. But as of now.. You will find this lady on instagram. 🙂

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