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A exam with no syllabus #1write 

   Life is what we make of it. Life is just like rollercoaster it has it’s ups and downs, it’s up-to us we enjoy the ride or scream .

Even though there are struggles in our lives, we will get fruitful results. 

To face challenges we do need patience because we never know which choice we took is correct or wrong.  We apply it/execute it and time will show the results. 

Life is full of choices. 

While praying to god we shall not pray him to keep us away from problems, but ask him to give us courage to face those challenges and grow stronger. 

Life never stops teaching us. Never. 

We are our own teachers in our school of life. The exam begins since we got in our mother’s womb. We proved ourselves in the sperms competition and we secured our place. 

Few months back,  for me it(the moments/lessons) comes right in front of my eyes when I think about it.  My favourite person, my grandpa was admitted at the hospital. The man full of zeal,  blue eyes with that sparkling smile always on his face. In these 20 years, I never saw him on bed for so long. I loved him. I stayed along with him the whole day as I cared for him. I never lose hope. It’s said so true that life happens to us when we are busy planning something else. 

I stayed up all day with him, I never got on phone or reading when I was with him. Even when he was having his nap I was looking at him. And only I know what life lessons I was learning being there.

In the above pic.. My ‘owwa’ and I m his ‘manimau’…☺

We all have to be grateful for so many things. The air we breathe, the food we take and everything. Life never stops taking exams but we shall know that we have to score 100%.

Being at hospital for around one month, it was exhaustive. But I have mental peace now because I know that I was there along with him and in this exam I performed well. 

I made my grandpa feel happy by my presence. I used to watch whether there is any bubble in that saline, keeping my eye on those parameters beeping across.

In life we can come across anything anytime. We shall be confident and learn. 

We shall never stop learning.

It’s truly said that life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set. 

I miss my owwa (grandpa)  alot… 


Take care… 

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