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The “Sunshine Blogger Award” 

Today the 18th of October the day I will remember. A big hug to thehappinesshunter. She writes about her journey about finding happiness and have taken up the #100dayshappinesschallenge as well. I read at her posts everyday. She inspires me. Do check out her blog as well. She began with this blog i.e thehappinesshunter a month back. I am so thankful to her as she nominated me for the Sunshine blogger award!!

What is the award for? 

Awards truly inspires us to give out 100%.

The sunshine blogger award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers who are positive, inspiring and creative.  

I am feeling so great to get nominated for this award. It means a lot to me. 

Answers to the questions:

Let’s begin! 

1) What’s the best thing that has happened to you this year? 

Answer: The best thing that has happened to me this year is that I got selected in my University cricket team. 

2) Who is the person you’d love to have coffee with? 

Answer: I would love to have coffee with the Bollywood actor Aditya Roy kapoor. 

3) Who should everyone follow right now? 

Answer: I feel that everyone shall follow their heart or me either.

4) What book are you reading right now? 

Answer: I m currently reading ‘charity’ by Lesley pearse.

5) Why do you like blogging? 

Answer: I like to inspire others. Ignite the optimism in them. And share my thoughts. And I love writing as well. That’s why I love blogging. 

6) What’s your favourite tear-jerker movie?
Answer: It’s difficult to bring tears in my eyes though the Bollywood film “Ae dil hai mushkil” brought a tear. You too watch it. It has amazing music in it. 

7) What’s the most adventurous thing you have done? 

Answer: I haven’t done anything adventurous. But soon I will.

8) What’s the thing you’re most proud of? 

Answer: Right at this moment, I am proud of myself as I got my cellphone with my own savings. 

Well,  I am proud of my dad as he set up a new business on his own and he is doing well in it. He have done so much sacrifices. He toils up day and night to set up strategies and do his work. He wants me to get in that share market but I am impulsive girl. I am not sure I can do it as a earning thing. Let’s see what happens. Surely,  I am proud of my dad.

9) If you could spend three months anywhere, where would it be? 

Answer: Three months?  New York! 

10) What’s the biggest thing on your mind right now? 

Answer: To study well for exams. Hone up my soft skills. Getting independent. Improving writing skills. 

11) Describe your perfect partner in three words:

Answer: Sporty, romantic, Goal-oriented!!
It’s always amazing to answer the questions..

Well, I would like to nominate:

1)simple ula

2) risky fauzi

3) the godly chic diaries

4) Kristina Gallo

5) hypocritical narcissist

6) American nomad

7) C E Hall

8) erdman31

9) mteodoraa

10)erotic yearnings

11) ttthewintersdance


It’s great to have such fellow bloggers like you. You guys write very well and lay insightful thoughts. It’s always great to read what you want to say. 

My questions to you guys are:

1) What freedom means to you? 

2) Do you think war is solution to everything? 

3) When was your first kiss? 

4) Share with me your school/college memory? 

5) Which incidence in your past life you would like to change? Why? 

6) Do you love playing sports? What it has thought you? 

7) Have you ever faced with any rumor about yourself? What was it about? 

8) What’s your zodiac/sun sign? 

9) Have you ever thought of being Miss World/ Mr. World? 

10) Can you prepare food on your own? Which is your favourite dish? 

11) Describe yourself in five words.. 
1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to them. 

2) Answer the eleven questions asked. 

3) Nominate eleven other bloggers. 

4) Create eleven new and different questions for them to answer. 

5) List the rules. 

6) Include the “Sunshine Blogger Award” logo in your post somewhere. 

I assure you all guys that I will come up with great posts. 

Thanks once again thehappinesshunter… 

Keep loving..!! 

Take care…!! 😘😘😘💞💞

Thank you..!! 

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