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Dil ki diwali(light your hearts up) #3

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights in India. It signifies the return of lord Rama to his kingdom of ayodhya after the triumphed over ravana.  People light oil lamps and keep them outside their houses in order to show Rama the way when dark. 

Diwali is celebrated by Hindus,  Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists to mark different historical events and stories, but they all symbolize the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance.


The festival commences with vasubaras where cows are worshipped.  Goddess laxmi the goddess of wealth is said to take the form of cow on this day.  In various communities the businessman close their account book.

Above picture is of laxmi the goddess of wealth.

It is the belief among Hindus that the cows body is where all the gods stay. She is the symbol of purity as well. That’s why we Hindus don’t consume meat. 

Diwali goes on for five days. The festivities starts with ‘dhanteras’ followed by’narak chchaturdashi’on day two. ‘Padwa’ which is dedicated to all couples relationships on third day, ‘bhai dooj’ dedicated to all brother sister relationship. 

Every home begins the cleaning up of their houses. Everyone is excited about the festival. Specially school going kids and college students like me too because we have Diwali vacations (but teacher give us homework.. That’s another story.. But we complete it). Mothers are busy making various snacks like chewda, shankarpale, chakli, ladoos, etc. We all consume lots of sweets. This year government have put down rules for Delhi and city around that there won’t be any fire crackers this year. But people love to burn fire crackers.. Specially kids.. That’s right that’s causing a pollution increase… But who will stop the kid desire to lit the rocket and see it cracked up in the sky.. Sparkling various stars.. And seeing the amazing view.. I had lot of fun when I was I kid.. But since last few years I m using the money which I used in buying firecrackers in getting something for me or using it for charity or saving it. 

It’s truly said that ‘burning crackers are burning money”

Have a happy Diwali… 

Take care.. 


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