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Dil ke Diwali (light your heart up) #2

Diwali is just few nights away and everyone is into preparation and are trying to make Diwali 2017 memorable one. Shopping is top…tomorrow I will be going for spending money(haha!!) ..lets see what my mind tells me to buy..

Today my granny took my brother and mom along for shopping.  She bought him various things that he wanted. My brother was happy (that proud.. Happy feeling that I have all now.. Lingered on his 13 year old face as well)  ..his favourite colour is black..i always wonder why boys of all ages love the black colour.. I m going tomorrow along with my uncle who is calculative… 
As all girls.. I like persons who can get anything for me I wish I wanted.. (there is certain happiness sometimes when we receive gifts or surprises, I am a women who will buy things on my own.. But there is something in that feeling when someone.. Dad, boyfriend,  or anyone is pampering you)..

There is a difference when you get a rose for yourself on your own.. You(I assume)  never keep it in that note book.. 
But when a guy gives you.. You keep that rose in that book.. Even though the petals are dried.. You keep it.. So.. 

Do surprise people,  surprise yourself by looking in those sparkling eyes… 

Don’t get greedy  ….

But when someone among your family wants to buy you something or wants to spend on you.. 

Why to loose the chance?? 

Get to the shop or mall… get what you want… ..

It’s Diwali, do some charity work…. As well… 

Take care.. 


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