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Those unverified facts… 


​Rumors are something which I feel makes us feel terrible when it’s about us.. When something unverified facts are spread all over by our so called friends or whoever it’s.. .rumor… all of us shall know how to deal with it.. We shall be calm and get on back with our work..all things tend to happen we shall take it with pinch of salt.. 

In college I have experienced a rumor about me that I have make out with a guy right in front of my college in the car… that’s fucking thing is untrue. ..girls love to put their nose in others space.. And tell lots of others as well… lots of others… I am keeping calm.. And handling it.. In this world we shall not at all get affected by what people think about us.. 

Have you ever been in rumor or something? What you think about rumor?

Do tell me.. 
Take care… 

2 thoughts on “Those unverified facts… 

  1. I have experience with rumors. Bad women will brag about you because you are prettier than them, and bad guys will talk rubbish cause they can’t have you. I learnt, you can’t stop rumors, but you can change your attitude and walk away with head up. When people see this can’t affect you they will stop talking.

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