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Dil ki Diwali.. (light your heart up) !!

Hi!! It’s October 11th… Nd today I went along with my bhai(brother) for his cricket tournament.. My brother was nervous and excited at the same time… it was his ever first match.. On the pitch.. Which was a great ground to play on.. School days are the foundation days in our lives.. I feel.. Even though his school lost, the experience was important… 

Above are the painted Diya… Will be putting the wick in it and light it on Diwali.. 

Above pic is of my brothers.. Team.. 

Diwali is just a week away.  It’s festival of lights. Today I began with the preparation ..what I did today was I painted the diyas and then cleaned the house. So the start is well.. And from tomorrow my mom and I will be beginning with the making of fharal( snacks)  which includes chakli, Karanji (a semicircular sweet)  and ladoos as well as chewda (made of puffed rice)  .

Here, the government is out of the rule that burning crackers around and in Delhi won’t be allowed.. Let’s see what happens.. 

Well.. I will be telling you guys how the preparation is happening with full zeal.. Just two months back my owwa(grandpa) passed away. So there is something low time but we will deal with it.. We can’t keep the celebration off at all… we have to move on.. Here it is a concept that if someone close to us passes away you shall not get into celebration ..but I am going to.. My owwa was not a man who would like to see mourning always… he was a man who loved to enjoy life.. 


I do miss his presence a lot …I do really… he was favourite for me.. 


Let everyone have a light in their lives which will make your lives brighter with joy and hope.. In the form of thought, a lover,  a wish,  or a goal.. Anything.. 

Just a day back… I saw the trailer if the period film in Bollywood ‘padmavati ‘ ..what a trailer!! You too watch… The movie will release on December 1st.. This year… I m waiting.. 

Above is a shot from the trailer.. 

Let your light shine..!! 

Bring yourself out of the darkness…. 

Take care… 

Xoxo .😘😘😘💞

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