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Allowed #4

‘Our body is just like temple’ it is said.. We shall look after our self.. 

As we are allowed to live the life before we die… Let’s try to keep the illness and other diseases at bay.. 

From hair to toe.. All the body shows you symptoms if you are having any problem going in your inside mechanism.. 

Hair will grow well.. When we take proper diet which includes the required mineral and vitamins.. And stress also effects our hairs as well.. Keeping your hairs good is not only that shampoo and conditioner job.. It’s yours too.. 

Skin.. We we workout.. Toxic material comes out.. Through sweat.. 

Above picture.. Is of full nutrient.. Indian Thali.. You guys must try it.. 
In this century we will find people walking with their earphones on.. Is it good for ears?  

Eyes ..people who feel they are not able to read something.. They shall go and check up and out those stylish specs on… Or lenses.. 

Follow a good diet plan.. 

Those who are thin, try to gain some weight.. And those who are heavy.. Try to loose that extra fat.. I know, even round is a shape.. But what I want to tell you is.. That fat which is extra may have bad effects on your body… 

Have a good hygiene… 

Look after your health.. 

Laugh more, play more,  and chill out… 

Take care!! 😘💞

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