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Q&A #1

Hi!! Hope you guys are doing well… Here I am having a post on the ways I go with my reading passion.. I would like to thank my fellow blogger thehappinesshunter for nominating me. Certainly when we ask questions and answer them we get to know the person as well as we can also look for our inner being.. And know ourself more better.. 

So here are the answers to the questions.. I loved answering them.. 


1)Do you have a certain place at home for reading? 

Yes,  I do. It’s my study table.. That’s my favourite spot. 

2)Bookmark or random piece of paper? 

I make a new bookmark on my own, my using paint and all.. So I do it myself.. Cute bookmarks..!!

3)Do you eat or drink while reading..?? 

While reading I can eat some snacks along and if I have a hot tea… that’s perfect..!! 

4)Music while T. V while reading? 

If I am reading I don’t like to listen to music nor I get to look for TV.  Because when I am reading.. A music is created on own.. I just go in to the scene.. 

5)Reading at home or everywhere?

I love reading… I can read a book in the toilet as well(we have lots of time while letting that shit out) haha..!! So yeah.. Everywhere..!! 

6)Reading out a loud or in your head??

In my head.. 

7)Do you read ahead or even skip pages..?? 

I never skip..!! 

8)Breaking the spine or keeping it like new..?? 

 I keep them like new.. I wish I could Treasure that new book smell… 

9)Do you write in your books..?? 

Nah..!!  I  write points into my note books.. I keep the book(which I am reading)  clean… 

Answering the nine questions.. Was getting aware about how I look at reading.. What are my reading habits.. It was good experience.. Kind off self-awareness thing.. 

So guys… You can also answer to the questions above…

Reading is very important.. Even if it’s the newspaper you shall read.. Now there are audio books.. You can get book in your phones… But you know guys what I feel.. The great experience is getting that book physically in hand and then reading.. It’s amazing experience.. 
Well.. Take care.. ☺💞

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