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Detox #2(enjoy for U) 

Many initiatives are taken to clean our surroundings to build awareness. 

Don’t forget to live in moment.. Rather than capturing.. 

Click.. Once.. And keep it inside… That phone.. 

But how many of us does something just to have our face in picture? And then get it post on social media and then get anxious about those fucking likes …haha.. 

Even if we don’t want to do that work… but just to get something for our instagram..we turn to do that work.. 

We human beings are creatures those who’ll love to share what’s happening with our lives..

But is this all we are doing for connecting is good for our health.. Mental health especially?

Why are we do thirsty to hug someone virtually?  Or to get hugs virtually?  What we want? Exactly…. Attention, love, appreciation what? 

We are MISSING what?  

Stop getting confused.. 

Just get out of that social media web.. Take courage to say bye to the virtual people.. And connect with the people around you.. 

Do something for yourself… its not important to post all the things all the time… look to the view.. Treasure all the views in your heart… try it… !!

Thanks for reading… 

Take care!! 😊😘😘💞

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